Expert sTaff safety during covid-19

Join the Many Satisfied Workplaces using AiRISTA Flow's Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Solution in the workplace

The AiRISTA Flow Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution uses a wireless wearable device worn by employees to help enforce CDC guidelines for social distancing and automates contact tracing for all industries. Take the necessary precautions at the symptom stage with our integrated centralized health screening and fight off viral outbreaks before putting your employees at risk and disrupting operations.

Social Distancing Solution

  • Helps employees maintain 6 feet of separation, alerting wearers of proximity
  • Wireless wearable device tags automatically identify wearers using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology
  • Small sleek wearable tags worn as wrist straps, pendants, key fobs, or integrate your smart phone to be used as a tag
  • Configurable tag settings managed from the cloud

Contact Tracing Solution

  • Contact tracing technology records history of wearers in a database
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.X and 5.X supporting multiple use cases
  • Data collected by the tags is communicated to the AiRISTA Flow centralized cloud-based software system over exiting wireless networks, which analyzes contact information
  • A location “snapshot” is made each time the tag uploads its contacts to the cloud software via an access point or gateway
  • Ensuring data protection and security compliance with GDPR
  • Contacts stored on tags are uploaded to private database instance using existing wireless infrastructure
  • Contact reports specific to your organization’s objectives using user-defined criteria
  • Contact reports are sent automatically to individuals to drive behavioral change organization-wide to prevent further outbreaks

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