staff safety panic button alert system

World's #1 Two-way communicating staff safety tag

Wearable tag solution providing a real-time location-based, panic button alerts to security for immediate response in dangerous situations. Tags connect to a private cloud portal for easy management and reporting.

Solution Features: 

  • Options for every budget & facility, solution grows as your needs grow
  • Easy to deploy and cost-effective to maintain
  • On-prem solution or cloud solution
  • Provides two-way communication 
  • Inclusive of all staff

Keep your healthcare workers safe

  • 75% of workplace assaults occur in healthcare settings
  • Only 30% of nurses report violent incidents
  • 1 in 4 nurses have been assaulted by patients

AiRISTA's Healthcare Staff Safety Solution has protected 13,000+ employees across 5 facilities throughout the state of California.

Download the solution brief now to learn how to protect your healthcare workers!

  • Staff safety is a recurring theme in employee surveys. With the AiRISTA Staff Safety Solution, nurses and staff who work alone or in isolated areas feel confident that help is a button push away.



    Director, Midwest Healthcare System